Budget Decorating Tips :

1) Paint a feature wall

'Painting a small section, such as an alcove or chimney breast, in a stand-out shade is a quick way to update the appearance of any room,' says Lloyd Meheux, Paint Expert at Brewers. 'Not just that but it will save you time and money as well!'

2) Invest in Emulsion

'When it comes to high traffic areas within the home, such as the hallway, it is worthwhile to invest in paint or wallcoverings that are hard-wearing,' says Lloyd.

3) Be brave with fabric

Soft furnishings can update your home instantly but this doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on new curtains and sofa covers. 'Investing in a set of simple winter and summer accessories which you change every six months will freshen the look of your home year after year,' says Lloyd.

4) Gloss over things

Painting your woodwork is a simple way of brightening things up within the home. 'People tend to focus on their walls and neglect the woodwork within their home but it is one of the most cost-effective ways of refreshing a room due the comparative size of area of you are painting,' says Lloyd. 'And with thousands of colours to choose from Albany's extensive colour matching service, there's a touch of gloss to suit any home.' .

5) Experiment with wallpaper

Melanie Adams, Wallcoverings Expert at Brewers, has a great tip for using small cuts of wallpaper to create interesting focal points within your home: 'By framing cuts of bright wallpaper with interesting motifs you will dress your walls with a unique work of art that doesn't have a heavy price tag attached.'